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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 23, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> now, on chasing news. >> police are now involved there on administrative duty. >> they are fighting to change the way the judicial system handles pleas of all fatal shooting. >> i'm not going to have no peace until i get justice. >> they recently responded to criticism by saying, we have a negro woman on council. >> is he using the term negro, i'd be afraid what he would address other groups as. >> my grandma's 92's 92 and
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doesn't use that word. >> the older people are still helpful. we are going going to be helpful to other old people. what we see peers happening over a couple of sessions. >> it do they fly the drones really slow? >> keep your hands or their. >> in new jersey they're fighting to change the way that the judicial system handles police involved fatal shootings. shootings like this one caught on police - game of a fatal shooting shooting of jerome reed in 2014. >> don't move. >> this - can footage was taken on december 30 in 2014. it was a police involved fatal shooting
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of a black man, 36 euros jerome reed in bridgeton, new jersey. i met with met with his mother, sheila in pennsbury. she told me what you're seen in this video. >> the officer that arrested my son knew my son personally. >> reasonable and you will breezy with her that stop sign back there. >> my son was in the car and he was the passenger of the vehicle. my son didn't know there is a gun in the car otherwise he would god in the car. >> it out of the car, if you got a gun. >> the officer took the gun out of the government glove compartment and had his revolver in his right hand and he told rome to get out of the car, he tried to get on the car and he stopped him. he said you reached i'm going to shoot you. >> no you're not. [inaudible] don't move. don't move. >> a grand jury did not indict the officer. officer roger worley, and raheem
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has been on administrative duty since the shooting. she is working with a group of activist were trying to change the weight new jersey hands the legal situations of police involved fatal shootings. walter hudson of the national awareness alliance said that he believes the main problem with the current system is the local prosecutor's office is is too close to the police officers of all. he wants that changed and wants it handed over to the attorney general's office. >> senate bill 2469 which will take the investigation away from the local prosecutors which we feel is a biased investigation due to the fact that the prosecutors have a long-standing relationship with these local police officers. >> the solution would be to take control out of the prosecutors officer and give it to the attorney general's office to do the investigation, as well as the prosecution. they've been working with senator steve sweeney with us to
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introduce this bill. read hopes that no other mother has to go through what she did. >> it's one day at a time. i want justice. and going to be no justice, i'm not not going to have any peace until i get justice. >> i have an update to my story on monday afternoon the u.s. attorney paul fishman released a statement saying he was not going to pursue civil and criminal charges against the peace officers involved in jerome reed shooting. i reached out to the family and walter hudson, who i who i spoke with early this afternoon issued a statement saying, i am astounded by this decision. i ask if we cannot rely on the local state and federal government, then then who and what can people do in this country when they have been done wrong in fighting justice. for more more follow me at chasing tamara. >> what kind of food do you like?
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>> to me it's important because basically our main mission -- >> what happens to a watchdog that has no to, no bar, and no by? right now the state of new jersey law-enforcement commission is just that. a watchdog task to look over candidates and money spent on election campaign but cannot do anything for this reason. they only have one guy on the board of commission. >> you are the low commissioner right now. what can you do, what can you not to? >> basically i can't do anything. >> that is ron, the chairman, normally there should be for people on the committee but two of them literally dropped dead from natural causes between 2011 and now. the third man, walter is now state supreme court justice. >> i can't afford a motion second it myself. speemac's oppressed rating frustrating? >> very much so.
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>> only in new jersey would you have a situation like this. of course, we know that he has done apart work in the past. one of the biggest case on the docket right now, 13 count violation against essex county joe -- going through the courts right now. you have to wonder as some in new jersey have, is there a motive behind the fact that the governor has not filed the nominees to go on the board. i asked that of him point blank. >> we look at every politician in new jersey is either in compliance were not in compliance. we don't look at ours, we don't look at eyes, comments irrelevant, they're either in compliant or not. >> some actually do want to be compliant. >> most of them do. >> we did reach out to about the governor's office and steve sweeney to ask if there is going to be anyone put up for the board anytime soon. steve sweeney's office's office responded with a brief statement saying they were going to have
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qualified democrats sent to the governor very shortly. the governor governor office sent us a long statement saying that understand governor cannot just pick any democrats from outer space to seat in the vacant elected position. that is not rooted in reality and they blame the democrats for this impacts. >> overall it's important to have full complement so we can fully operate. >> to think that some violation that may be happening at the moment that are not being looked at that are not as high in the pecking order, is it harder to go back and fix them after elections happen, do you think that there's a reason this is happening? >> while the chairman of board, the one current never says, i want to know if there's a violation for the candidate before going to the voting booth. not afterwards. we have a presidential election and a lot of local offices coming up in november. on november 2017 there's a governor's election.
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>> negro. what does that word mean to you? washington borough scott mcdonald recently responded to criticism that local government is not diverse enough by saying hey, we have a negro woman on council. as you as you can imagine, that backfired and i went by the home of that councilwoman ethel connery and her husband spoke on the phone. >> pretty sure he realize the new were today is afro-american or black american. he did not mean any harm toward that. i am not offended by it. i know him. >> the term comes from a 500-year-old spanish and portuguese origin meaning plaque. according to the dictionary which adds, the determent is no longer in technical use and often offensive. the borough has the borough has about 6500 people, 85% of our white. you do see things like this this license plate on main street. >> i don't have a problem with
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this. i think it's on the same terms as caucasian. it don't bother me. >> i swear i don't care. >> most white people should i say, they don't prefer caucasian. whenever whenever i try to be playing say caucasian and there try to be place a negro. >> other say that they would not use the work, thou data. i know that i what i what i'm. it sounds a lot like another net and where that is traditionally a racial slur. the mayor has defended himself then that many many still use the word negro, but i personally do not know anyone who does. >> yet, i don't know about that. where is he living? i mean and
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answer my own question, he's living in an 86% white town. i'm wondering if that word negro is still use. i would like to ask him to try that at the newark city council meeting and see what kind of reaction he get and see what kind of reaction he get. >> hopefully this opens his mind and educates him. if he is using the term negro, i would be be afraid of what he would address other groups as. seemed like he has been living in the past and we need to bring them to the future. >> i would agree with ashley. people who know him say he's not a big it, the reaction from naacp and worn in sussex county the end of lacey p spokesman said he's not racist and his term as may be outdated but it's not in a cadet of on part of the mayor. >> the mayor's probably not a big it but he's brought the definitely a moron. >> i don't think that's fair. >> if you read any of african-american literature that is the word that is used. yes it's old, yes people don't use it, but he should not catch a plane for. >> would you use a? >> would i use it? no. it's an old word. >> if the word was in common use and he was a kid, but the the time he is a teenager nobody's that word anymore. he knows that her. >> my grandma's 92 and doesn't use that word. word. and she lives in warren county.
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>> so we went to see how they make drones. >> it shows that older people are still helpful. >> to they the drones really slowly? >> no.
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>> high-speed chase. >> our hearts and prayers go out to both families affected by a horrific, fatal car crash in long island. one of the victims was a former aide to the new york governor, andrew,. scott was. scott was with his fiancée when a driver came into oncoming traffic killing his sister, his 10-year-old son, and the former aide. certainly a terrifying time for several families right now. >> take a look at the video posted last week of nypd officers curing big boxes. you you might think water in those? those are but the cards were a young boy. jacob priestley is not like most kids, "how to play. he's stuck inside his house. that's because every disease he has called mitochondrial disease which is life-threatening. it weakens the cells in his body. one thing he loves like most kids his birthday. his goal was to receive thousands of birth the cards and
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the nypd sent thousands along to him. i can only imagine how many he is up to. ♪ local >> you may recall a few months back when i got dressed up and went on senior prom at brandywine senior living in princeton to celebrate a 100-year-old. >> this time i caught up with my young at heart friends for a another thrilling adventure at -- at they have been working over couple of sessions and teams of two to make drones. >> this actually go clockwise. >> tresa who you would never know is 90 years old shared with me how this experience was extremely personal. >> it shows that the older
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people are still helpful. and we are going to be helpful to other old people. people with alzheimer's who get lost, were going to go find them. i had a husband who had alzheimer's, he had a device on his leg when we were at home. but were at home. but when we went to brandywine we had no device. if he would've walked out of there they would had to go look for him. >> i must say tresa and the entire group work impressive. jim, the founder of the academy says that seniors are some of their best students. >> there skills are sometimes better than younger people who do not have the tech skills. they grew up in an era of handtools. >> i heard heard we did a pretty good job be novices. >> after working on the mechanic my friend and i learned how to flight the drones. i got the chance to try myself. they set a duplicate. >> it was in one piece. you did great.
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[applause]. in a few weeks these seniors will actually launch their own drones as part of brandywine senior assisted living week. they hope to make a guinness world record, the oldest person ever to launch a drawn. >> it does not surprise me about the goodness. this is a generation that crip building everything they had, knowing how to put things together. >> today fly the drones slowly? >> no. they are pretty fast. >> back porch weather time hit a boys.
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>> today's a back porch weather will be easy to do. i have nothing to report the clear skies for you. grab an umbrella can really be really such a pain, but you don't have to do it because there is zero chance of rain ♪ ♪ weather in philly, new jersey are new york ♪ ♪ it's so tasty can you do with a fork, high 60s low 70s overnight so you can sleep the night away ♪ ♪ it's going to be like this all week. tune in tomorrow for another edition of a back porch weather. y'all come back now. what am i doing to my career? >> there's still time to let lucy whiteside and get out into the wilderness and chase some adventure. what better way to do that than to propel down a waterfall. >> let's do this. i headed out to the delaware water gap to meet up with a mountaineering guiding group to experience some wilder things
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that nature has to offer. i met up with their founder right before i went out to find the waterfall. >> we take people kayaking, backpacking, we do wilderness survival courses, waterfall canyon repelling. >> then i was off to the trailhead to get started and go find a waterfall. after walking about after walking about 20 minutes into the woods, there she was. >> it's a 65-foot waterfall, used to be an old quarry. you'll see some old mining rounds along the way. what you will experience is an awesome time. that's all i can say about it. >> it was time for me to learn the ropes, literally. i. i got my safety gear on and made my way on top of the waterfall. and then i quickly turned around for a moment. >> the experience was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time you let the
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ropes take your weight and lean over and you have to trust that the rope has you and you're not going to fall to your death. but, i have to say that the guides had everything under control and their coaching me the entire way down. joseph who is one of my guides on the trip has been doing it for several years. it's about 3000 people per year that do this. >> most are bucket listers were coming up and they just come up and notch off a bucket list item. >> i think sergio has done this. i think he made it a little bit higher. >> i did it twice. first i time was just a little over 200 feet. the second time was 418 feet off a building. >> while waterfall instead of a rocks? with the added value? >> it's a lot of fun but also a
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little trickier than just a regular canyon hearing because it's slippery. that was one of the things that was a big deal deal when i was going down. there's a few times i hit moss and i would skid. these guys make sure that every step of the way they are watching you. >> i'm heading up the hill for round two. >> nine bedrooms, ten bathrooms, two pools, two basketball courts , arcade games come off full jim, comments are one of new jersey's most expensive
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>> the secret till long life? as this 100-year-old.
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>> next, on chasing news. >> a lot of people are lucky to spend special time with their grandparents when their aging. especially their grandmothers. travis have a really cool grandmother. she is 100 years old and she is a rocking rocking
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beer pong like i have never seen. check out these videos that were posted on social media by her grandchildren. she knocks it in and everybody goes crazy. it went viral. viral. the video has over 100,000 views and hoping to get many more years to come. >> it continues and this stop is back in new jersey it's the most expensive zip code, alpine. >> indoor pool with a slide. this holds the title as the third priciest piece of real estate in new jersey history at $19.99 million. here's the why.
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the 20000 square-foot french inspired home sits on 2 acres of gated property less than 10 miles from the george washington bridge. >> everything i will show you is custom-made, took three years to get it the way it looks now and let's start the tour. >> we started on the main floor walking in and out of the family rooms. >> the living rooms, notice how that is plural. the formal dining room, dining room, the bar, and the massive, massive country kitchen. this is the fridge. on the side of the house, off the main family room and a little bit away from the kitchen is the basketball court. that is not my favorite part. as you walk in to the basketball court you walk into this glorious indoor pool with a massive waterslide. the whole indoor pool room is painted to be as tranquil as you can possibly imagine. it is pretty it the most spot
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pools i have seen. >> while showing you the indoor pool, you need to see the outdoor pool. >> that outdoor pool was just as cool because it was a walk inches you literally walk right into the pool as if it were a beach. >> this is not a basement. this is the promenade and you're greeted with pac-man, ski ball, full gymnasium, and of course a movie theater. this is most comfortable movie theater i've ever seen. as cool as most rooms were the thing that stuck out most to me was the decorating. as you realize the walls, most of them are not painted. i cannot explain to how soft this wall is. it is all fabric, so pretty.
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this family is a world renowned manufacturer of carpeting and home furnishing. >> who else in the basement would have a woven leather floor. woven leather is on the floor. this nine better, temple bath, for half half-bath mansion has everything you need. you can have your own personal getaway. it is truly a vacation within itself. >> guys, call me batman. millions of bats are dying in new jersey. >> we are going to had thousands new jersey. >> we are going to had thousands
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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